Early this year, I began the fight for my life. Late stage Colon Cancer diagnosed in February. After my surgery, I am healing well and started my 6 months of Chemo in March.Ann's handmade bags

Lemons of Love bag filled!

Lemons of Love bag filled!

Each time I go to the cancer center for my chemo treatments, it pulls at my heart strings.  There are people of all ages, all stages of cancer and I want to be able to give some ray of hope to each of them.  After my first treatment, I decided to make Chemo Care Packages (a good friend gave a package to me before I began)!  Each bag, handmade or embroidered with the “LEMONS OF LOVE” logo will have wonderful goodies inside…  People might find –  Burts Bee’s lotion (no fragrance) for dry chemo skin, A box of ginger tea for upset tummies, a bag of Acai blueberries covered in chocolate – because cancer hates blueberries and we all crave chocolate, bag of lemon drops and a bottle of water!!  Each bag also needs a pair of Superman or Supergirl socks!!  Some bags will also receive some jewelry (donated by a friend), a drawing (by kids that offer ‘happy pictures’) or other happy donations that come in!!  Each bag is different and might have extra or different items due to the many donations we are receiving.    

Logo Bold Yellow-Green

This project is continuing with a little (seriously, a lot) help from my friends – making bags, embroidering, graphic designing for the cards enclosed, donations of hand made jewelry, happy drawings, and other fun stuff.

Thank you for your support, I promise to post photos here and on Facebook and continue to give back as long as I am on this earth!

Love you guys!

Jill Swanson Peltier


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  2. God Bless you and I really appreciated getting this wonderful gift! I too am late stage Breast Cancer and it has keeping me on my toes to say the least.

  3. Dear Jill, I cannot thank you enough for the the Lemons of Love goodie bag that you sent me. It is filled with such wonderful things! (I had emergency surgery for ruptured ovarian cysts that turned out to be cancerous and started chemo right afterwards).
    I’ve struggled with nausea so the ginger tea and lemon candies are perfect. Love the Supergirl socks (so does my daughter!) and was so touched by the child’s hand-drawn picture.
    Thank you so much again! Thinking of you as you go through your own fight with cancer. You’re amazing!

    • Thank you Margo! I just got your note in the mail yesterday as well. Hang in there, I will be thinking of you. Maybe we will meet somewhere at a race track next summer and talk about how well we are doing! All my best. Jill

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